Free Trial Plot Projects Platform

Are you ready to learn how to leverage untapped real-world opportunities?

You’re trying to reach the next level of personalization with your mobile audience by engaging with them at the right moment - through your mobile app. And hey, you’re in the right place. In this free 14 days trial, you’ll have access to our dashboard and we’ll walk you through:

  • Define & build new audiences based on customer movements: define the most relevant places-of-interest (POIs). Start quickly with a pre-set selection of POIs, or tailor the selection to your business needs; 
  • Set up campaigns based on the new segmentation opportunities: experience how to set up campaigns, to target new audiences based on customer movements, habits and areas of interest;
  • Measure & attribute real-world engagement: how you'd be able to elevate all your marketing activities by bridging your digital and real-world data you'll be able to gather through the Plot Projects Platform.

What can you expect?

  • Limited access for 14 days
  • Start to collect first data based on POIs
  • How to-guides to support you through the trial of our platform