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👍 New Feature: Emoji in Notifications Make Your Life Better 👍

Struggling to engage your app users? It’s difficult to stand out and get your message noticed in the crowd 😳  Well, struggle no more, be Emojional!

Am I Spamming My App Users? Find out & Learn How to Avoid it

This is a question a lot of you must have asked yourselves at least once or twice. And if you haven’t - you probably should, because the last thing that you want to do is to send notifications to ...

3 Rookie Mistakes Setting Up Your Location Based Push Notification

Now that you have set up locations to target your app users (if you haven’t - check out 3 Tips on Where to Put Your Geofence), you can proceed to setting up and perfecting your location based push ...

Art and Geofencing: The New Frontier

Why is Art+Geofencing an amazing idea and why should cultural institutions seriously start thinking of embracing it? Recently, I noticed that several museums and theaters in The Netherlands have ...

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