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Why do Android users open more notifications than iOS users?

Are you seeing different engagement rates on iOS and Android? Can’t figure out if it’s normal to have a higher push notification CTR (click through rate) on Android than on iOS? Don’t worry, you’re ...

Plot Projects News: Plot Plugin Improvements, Geofencing for wearables and Segmented Stats

As easy as pi! We further improved our Plot Plugin for iOS; integration is now even easier than before. It's only 4 lines of code; as easy as pi! Of course, easier code means easier documentation. ...

Plot Projects News: iOS7 support, location offers for passbook, dashboard tweaks & support for Phonegap

iOS Support Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 has been released the 18th september 2013. It offers a lot of new options to its users as well as a brand new look. Unfortunately it also offered ...

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