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Plot Projects News: Reasons to embrace geofencing, major dashboard updates & geofencing across industies

7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Embrace Geofencing Still wondering what Geofencing has to offer your business? We have an answer to that question, in fact, we have as many as 7 answers for you:

Plot Projects News: iBeacons on Android & Dashboard Cooldown

Use iBeacons on Android! We are proud to announce that we now support iBeacons on Android! It was already the case for iOS, but users can now also receive your iBeacon Notifications on Android ...

Plot Projects News: Introducing Exit / DwellTime Notifications & Notification Filter for Appcelerator

On a mission to make your Geofencing Notifications even more relevant than before, Plot Projects has built two incredibly useful features for you Exit / Dwell Time and the Notification Filter for ...

Plot Projects News: Featured on TheNextWeb, Customer Success Story of Vouchercloud & Management of Multiple Apps

We are very proud to tell you that our communications expert Maria Golovanova wrote an article about the Location Based Marketing featuring Plot Projects as the ultimate geofencing solution and it ...

Plot Projects News: Plot Demo App, Personalization Features and Dashboard Updates

Although, February is the shortest month of the year, it has been quite eventful for our company. And we are thrilled to share the major updates with you.

Plot Projects News: Major Dashboard Updates

An Integrated Overview of All Your Notifications We have changed the way you can manage your location based notifications. In the new view you can see all your notifications together with their ...

Plot Projects News: Customer Success Story of MyOrder (Rabobank) & Location Picker in Dashboard

Customer story: MyOrder (Rabobank) With the MyOrder App users can order and pay with their phone in many places like restaurants, bars, carwashes and even paid parking areas. MyOrder is owned and run ...

Plot Projects News: iOS7 support, location offers for passbook, dashboard tweaks & support for Phonegap

iOS Support Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 has been released the 18th september 2013. It offers a lot of new options to its users as well as a brand new look. Unfortunately it also offered ...

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