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Why Is Geofencing Living in the Shadow of Beacons?

Beacons here, beacons there... The new bluetooth devices get extensive media coverage. But are they effectively used irl? Let me debunk that for you!

6 Common Myths about Beacons You Should Know about before Investing into Them

Beacons tend to be a pretty big investment - both financially and time-wise, especially with them being physical object that you need to install and maintain. To help you make the decision of whether ...

Can Geofencing and Beacons Work Together for Your App?

Spoiler alert -  they can. Geofencing and beacons are both technologies that can be used for location based targeting and can complement each other. However, it is important to understand the ...

Interview with the Co-founder of Plot Projects

We sat down with our quirky and energetic co-founder, Paul Everts, for a short interview about the future of mobile marketing. He has some interesting things to say…

Art and Geofencing: The New Frontier

Why is Art+Geofencing an amazing idea and why should cultural institutions seriously start thinking of embracing it? Recently, I noticed that several museums and theaters in The Netherlands have ...

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