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Why Is Geofencing Living in the Shadow of Beacons?

Beacons here, beacons there... The new bluetooth devices get extensive media coverage. But are they effectively used irl? Let me debunk that for you!

Interview of Plot Projects for POQ studio

Early September, Plot Projects was featured in the e-commerce insider series of the Mobile Commerce blog of POQ studio. Read what Menno Kolkert said about the Plot Plugin!

How to Use Geofencing for Events [Best Practices]

Geofencing is a powerful and cutting edge tool that adds relevance to communications throughout industries. This week, we will be talking about how to use geofencing for events marketing and the ...

Location Based Marketing Glossary

LBM, Geofences, Beacons… You are lost with all the complicated terms and abbreviations? You wish you could understand and talk about Location Based Marketing without mixing it all up? Do not lose ...

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