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Release Notes December 11th 2014

We have just released a brand new version of the Plot Plugin (v1.7.0)! Two large features have been added in this version, namely iBeacon support for Android and a dashboard controllable cooldown.

Plot release May 1st 2014

Today we have completed another release cycle which brings you new features. We have added a search bar and a graph with your CTR data to the dashboard. iBeacons are now fully supported by our plugin ...

Using iBeacons to implement indoor Location Based Notifications

At Plot we already get a high accuracy for location based notifications based on Wifi and cell tower triangulation. Our smallest range with good results is currently 50 meters, without any special ...

Plot release April 3rd 2014

Today we've released a shiny new version of Plot. In short this brings you BETA support for iBeacons, "resendable" notifications, better Android integration guidance, a better app for testing our ...

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