Location Marketing Resources for Mobile Marketers

    Infographic-customer-retentionInfographic: Use real-world insights to boost retention

    How can you build a sustainable strategy for retention when 20% of customers churn in 30 seconds? 

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    eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Geofencing for Mobile Marketing

    Which offline touchpoints and technologies can you use to create more relevant customer journeys?


    Cheat Sheet: The Do's & Don'ts of Proximity Marketing

    Here’s everything you need to do (or not do) to create brilliant proximity marketing campaigns that drive app user engagement!

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    Contextual Marketing Report

    Report: How can mobile marketers better use consumer context?

    How can you use your user’s location to take your marketing engagement to the next level?

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    eBook: Choosing Moments to Engage with Customers

    A master collection of impactful times to capture and harness customer attention.

    GDPR faqs about location marketing

    FAQs: GDPR & Location Marketing

    These FAQs will help you tackle all your concerns when addressing GDPR for location based mobile marketing.

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    Case Study: Boost App Engagement with Location Targeting

    This case study will show you how to increase your app engagement by 25% using location targeting.

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    Whitepaper: Balance GDPR & Mobile Opt-in

    Whitepaper: Balance GDPR & Mobile Opt-in

    Here's how you can capture clear opt-in for location marketing, whilst staying GDPR compliant.

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